Kooshesh girls high school has launched with the help of a group of experienced and well-known teachers of Tehran's Ministry of Education and Training as the oldest and the first educational unit of "Kooshesh Payandeh educational-cultural complex" in June of 1995 and it has started to attract targeted and elite students with the goal of forming a complete complex with educational , cultural and training atmosphere. Planning ,efficient and innovative management, having competent and experienced training and executive staff are the main reasons of this unit's success at growing the students up to the highest level of education and science both at high school and University Entrance Exams . Statistics of every year's acceptance numbers of University Entrance Exam ,glowing at the Olympiads and scientific competitions ,gaining the ……rank among all of Tehran's high schools and gaining the ……. Rank of the country is the reason for this claim.

Common thinking at Kooshesh complex has caused that in addition to the planning and gaining educational successes, encouraging students to find out their educational and cultural abilities like musical and sports talents are also in the task list of this high school. After other educational unit's of Kooshesh Payandeh educational –cultural started their activities, this high school has continued its activity as Gandhi unit and because of all students ' graduations from different levels at this unit, getting result from educational group of Kooshesh and students and their families' efforts is this unit's obligation.